Original Motion Picture Soundtrack


     Welcome! The OMPS podcast was created by Brad Watkins, Kurtis Watkins, and Alex Justinger to review and talk about original motion picture soundtracks, their composers, and the process of scoring music to movies. It is truly a diverse medium in the art of filmmaking.

​     Did you know, the Forrest Gump soundtrack has gone platinum twelve times?! Titanic eleven times! Footloose and Top Gun nine times each! O' Brother Where Art Thou seven times! The Big Chill six times! And don't forget, Purple Rain is a soundtrack! The most nominated composers in Hollywood have a combined total of 284 Oscar nominations! Film music is used in the Olympics, award ceremonies, and even Presidential events.

​​     New to the idea? Don't worry, we'll get you started. We'll give you all kinds of interesting shit to think about! Overviews of the scores, cool facts, and gossip-ey bits for the watering hole at work. ​Old to film scores, you say? Hardened veteran, you say? We guarantee there's something new here for you!

​     Our mission is to bring film scores to anyone and everyone. So, sit back. Relax. And enjoy all the possibilities that are Original Motion Picture Soundtracks!

Episode Releases

Episodes are released every two weeks. Our full archive is available all the time, but iTunes and the website are updated with the latest episode on Monday mornings. Thanks for listening!  

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